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Start Your Device With Some Windows Mobile 7 Goodness!

So you’re mad Microsoft is dragging their feet releasing Windows Mobile 7 are you? Well, XDA has got just the thing for you while you’re waiting. Start your device with some Windows Mobile 7 goodness! All you have to do is install the the cab files in the post listed below and you should be good to go. Soft reset and enjoy! Make sure you back up  in case anything causes a problem.

Here are the links to the different versions available:

WVGA Version (see post #3 for cab files)

VGA Version  (Not cabbed yet, just the reworked GIF & PNG files)

QVGA & WQVGA Version (Not cabbed yet, just the reworked GIF & PNG files)

I’ll keep you posted when someone updates the threads with cab files for easier installation.

via PocketNow

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