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Top 10 things we hate about the Fuze!

Now this isn’t something that you would normally hear from a winmo/fuze/ppc site, but we figured it would only be fair to look at our own toys to see what we hated the most about them and for your convenience we have posted links to most if not all of the fixes to the problems below in our forums!  As always, be sure to let us know how or where we messed up and how stupid you think we are…

10. TP2/Fuze2? WTF HTC? Why do you launch a great phone and THEN launch essentially the SAME great phone that quick! This is hardly something to hate, but dont get like apple! Next phone from them may have NO SCREEN!

9.  GPS. Does it work? Well it does sometimes. From a cold start it’s a few minutes. Sometimes it won’t start at all and we need to use third party apps to warm it up a bit. We didn’t have to do this with past phones so it’s time for HTC to fix it.  It’s a cell phone first, but HTC doesn’t need to ignore the features in its own product.

8.  Battery Life. Yup, it’s a Windows device so you can make it through the day…and run home to get it on the charger. It is better than past devices but if 3G is on with push email we all know at some point during the day we will be thinking about if we’re going to make it.  We don’t even have to mention GPS or WiFi.  Once that starts up you can watch your battery drain!

7.  The Camera. Don’t get us wrong, the 3mp camera is really great in bright light. Especially when things aren’t moving too fast(or at all). If you’re in low light and arms are waiving you may as well not embarrass yourself and just leave the phone in your pocket. Yes, I know it’s a cell phone, but I still feel that they can work out a little more functionality here to get less lag.  And the flashes on most cell phones leave much to be desired… the LED “flashes” make people look like ghosts. Some fixes for these problem are here.

Keep reading to see the rest!!!

6.  Games. It is nearly impossible to play any games on the Fuze except for the touch screen ones. This is a combination of the DPad being difficult to press the proper button and not having a left and right key that works or is easy to use. Remember, we’re talking out of the box experience and a lot of games are harder to play than they should be. And to date there are two commercially developed GSen games. Something is wrong here…

5.  TF3D. We like it… It’s informative and pretty slick looking. It’s also sometimes a little slow and why is it that it requires a tutorial on how to modify it? This is a Windows device so I expect to be able to change every inch of my phone. If I want white font I should get it. Less tabs, more tabs, no curtains…why do you make us tweak it manually? I still haven’t figure out how to change the order of the people in my People tab so I have to look at the picture of someone who isn’t my favorite favorite every day. Here you can learn more about TF3D.

4.  So Shiny! Almost had to see a doctor because of the glare from the sun… Not really, but the back is so shiny that it picks up on the SMALLEST smudge.  We can live with it because it doesn’t look like a brick, but a little matte finish wouldn’t kill you. There are other options like Sprints version or buying a new back, but we’re cheap.  And while we’re at it, you know those products like Invisible Shield and Body Armour? Why isn’t my Fuze coated in that by HTC? I want a phone that I can take a key to and not scratch and if I can apply a coating after I buy it then they can apply it before I buy it.  And on that topic, screen durability… you can take a knife to a storm, why cant i take one to my fuze?

3.  The DPad. Even knowing where to press the DPad doesn’t mean you will get it right every time and you have to accept at some point you’ll accidentally hit the home key when you tried to go right. It’s finicky and while it’s a very pretty design this needs work. Not to mention no Scroll Wheel. And the DPad functionality out of the box is mostly crippled (not even working in email).  We shouldn’t be jealous of BlackBerry’s. Here is some info on the D-Pad.

2.  Landscape. Out of the box the landscape TF3D is essentially just an app launcher with little functionality at best. Often, when switching to landscape you pop out of the application you are in and are forced to go back into it again. At this point in time there should be literally no delay (we have over 500mhz in a phone – that should be plenty).  And the necessity to turn my phone every time I need to type an email is starting to get old. Maybe a slide-down keyboard should be considered (ala Palm Pre) or just always be in landscape (like the Side Kick). Fine, none of those are perfect either, but we all know that candy bar style phones will win a draw to send a text message. In an email our huge keyboard will likely win…

1.  Turns off when talking.  How irritating is that? Not that we often take notes about people or need to load up apps but it might be nice to be able to just HANG up the phone without having to turn it back on!  I know there are hardware buttons, but it has such a pretty touch screen that you just want to TOUCH IT! Davidk in the forums (and here, and in theory DiamontTweak should do it) has worked on this for a while and found some tweaks that work for some people but it should be just a basic "turn phone off while talking" checkbox somewhere that we can UNCHECK!

Thats all we got for now… How does this matchup to your list? We didnt even TOUCH PTT OR the fact that AT&T will most likely NOT provide an update to 6.5… Hate me for making this list? TOUGH! Leave your tears at the beep!