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Stream Recorded TV From Media Center To Your Windows Phone

A new app called Smart Potato just hit Marketplace and it nicely ties in a Windows 7 PC with a Windows Phone 7. The ability to stream recorded tv on the go is pretty sweet. Check out the features:

Features include:

  • Stream Recorded TV
    • Separate settings for Wi-Fi and Cellular connections
    • Remembers last view time stamp for resume
    • Automatic full screen in Landscape mode
    • Skip forward/back 30 seconds
  • Recorded TV
    • View By Title and Date
    • View Scheduled Requests and Series Requests
    • Display thumbnails for Recorded TV show
  • Search Guide
    • Easy keyword search
    • View details and Record Once/Series of results
  • Channels
    • View Channels based on Number, Call Sign and Favorites
    • Jump to Guide directly for a channel
  • Guide
    • View full day for 8 channels at a time
    • Supports Portrait and full screen landscape modes
    • View details and Record Once/Series for an episode
  • Trial Mode Limitations
    • Can Stream only the first 5 Minutes of a show
    • Can not set a recording from guide/search
    • Guide only shows current day

And here’s a video that shows it in action, even streaming tv:

You can get it from here in the Marketplace for $3 but it does have a free trial. 

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