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Subway, MTV and History Channel Come to WP7

imageThe weekends seem to be prime time for the Windows Phone Marketplace. Today there were a lot of new entries into the Marketplace but three that stand out are from Subway, MTV and the History Channel because they come from major corporations. This is important because if Microsoft can gain their mindshare and make them think that WP7 is going to be successful and get them to launch apps then it says something about Microsoft’s marketing push and helps them gain momentum.

Anyway, getting to the apps, the Subway app let’s you order from the Subway menu and check your Subcard account. It looks very clean and easy to use.

The MTV app is for MTV News and it lets you get up to the minute articles and videos as well as follow the hosts. It also has social ties to it so you can share what you’ve found with your friends.

And finally, from A&E/History Channel comes History Here. Based on your location, it will tell you historic points that are around you. You’ll see points of interest and articles, photos and videos from the History Channel. You can also take a virtual trip to any area in the US that you want to. I have to admit, it actually sounds very interesting.

Let’s see what comes tomorrow.