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Super Search – Highly Addictive (Free) WP7 Game

Super Search just hit the market. Simply put, you see a grid of objects and you need to find certain objects before the clock runs out. The orientation and even coloration of the objects varies so it has a layer of difficulty that adds to the gameplay. It’s one of those ridiculously simple concepts and you keep playing it to try to get on the leaderboard. I’m #2 now but I’m going to get that top spot dangit! Terrific time waster. Anyway, here’s the description:

Super Search is a hidden object game where you need to find given object from a grid as fast as you can.
Everything is random so you cannot predict the board layout.
Three different board sizes and adjustable time make this game perfect for everyone.
Have a minute or two to spare, fire this game up and go for it, you will be unable to put it down.
Online leaderboards are independent for each board and time combination which makes competing more fun, can you reach the top score on each level.
Also the game features multipliers so the faster you can find things, the higher you will score.

It’s well put together too. It’s from herm’s Software who I think is at about 20 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, so you know you can expect a well made game. Here’s a direct link to it: