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SuperTube – YouTube Player and Downloader For WP7

imageA new app hit the marketplace called SuperTube and it has a unique feature. You can download YouTube videos locally. The reason it’s unique is because there’s no access for devs to the Video directory of Windows Phones. So how did they get around it? Well as far as I can tell they’ve localized it to the app so it’s in isolated storage. That means you can open the video only by going through the app and not by going to your Videos directory. It’s not fatal, since that’s more in line with other operating systems where you open specific apps for specific tasks, but of course I wish MS would just grant access to the directory. Anyway, here’s the description:

SuperTube is a powerful YouTube app for Windows Phone 7.
With Super Tube, you can:
1. Browse High Definition (720P, 360P) and standard videos from YouTube
2. Download all videos of the YouTube to phone’s local disk, and supports resume broken downloads
3. Search all videos by relevance, published date, view count, and rating
4. Support Multi-Language (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese) and Multi-region function
All users of trial and full version can browse the High Definition and standard videos for free.
Trial version contains advertisement, and limits users to download 3 videos successfully. Full version removes all advertisements, and allows users to download all videos without limit.

It’s $1.29 with a free trial and is under Music & Video. I gave it a quick go and it’s pretty nice. I found the video I was looking for, downloaded and it and it playing locally. No more buffering.