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Surface ad states “Colors sold separately”. I say “Wha?”

What in the hell?  The fine print during the Surface commercial states “colors sold separately”. Now of course, the question is if that means the Surface comes with a black cover or it that means all overs are extra. The official spec sheet includes the Touch Cover and Touch Type for both the RT and Pro Surface but that doesn’t answer the question since the spec sheet states “Surface Features and options” so you don’t know which it is. Moving to the official press release doesn’t clear things up. Interesting when Mary Jo Foley wrote up on the Surface she stated “It will include support for a magnetically attachable cover that lets you touch type and a kickstand.” Not that you get one, but that it supports it. I know I heard that the Touch Cover was included somewhere though. Gotta keep Binging it. Tell me if you find the link.

But the wording still states that the colors are separate so the inference is that non color (black…wait white is actually a lack of colors and black is all colors at once…forget it I’m sticking with black as the lack of color )…anyway I think black is standard and then they are selling you an accessory to get color. it’s a lot easier to sell that way or else you need to sell everyone two pieces and need more stock on hand. This way the device comes with a cover and they get a premium if you want a premium look.

Anyway, sound off. and remind me to stop drinking before I post stuff.

Update: Mark is far more literate than I am. The about page does state “Surface comes with an integrated Kickstand and a revolutionary, 3mm thin, pressure sensitive cover that doubles as a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad.” So you can parse it out as such “Surface comes with [a] cover .” Guess we’re all getting black and paying if we want color.