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HTC wants in the cloud too, confirms partnership with Dropbox

htc-dropbox-partnershipIt looks like HTC’s Sense 3.5 will have another bonus to it! According to a report by Pocket-Link they have confirmed with HTC that all Sense 3.5 devices will offer 3GB of free storage in addition to the 2GB of free storage that Dropbox offers already make a nice 5GB of free storage for your shiny new Android device like the HTC Rhyme. This will allow users to sync files and pictures to their home computer for free as long as they are running the Dropbox software on their PC.

When HTC was asked if this service would extend to WP7 devices as well, the answer was not so clear. Currently WP7 device owners can sync 25GB for free so Dropbox loses in a big way with 20GB less storage capacity.

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