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Swipy Man –The #9 Top Selling App in The WP7 Marketplace

Swipy Man is now the 9th app listed under “top selling” in Marketplace. Before we go forward, I’m now certain that Microsoft is using an algorithm to compute ‘top selling’ and it’s not a question of sheer number of downloads since I can’t fathom a scenario where it has more downloads than Netflix or Flowerz (since Flowerz is both free and an Xbox game so it’s highlighted when you go to Marketplace) while being available for just two weeks. We heard that the Marketplace would do this from Brandon Watson who stated that ‘hot’ apps would get promoted but I always assumed they’d give it a better heading than ‘top selling’.  Anyway, let’s get to Swipy Man.

It’s a free game (there are no ads loaded yet) where you’re swinging on a vine and you need to tap the screen at the right time to hit the next platform. The platform sizes change and they move as you proceeds through the game. While it’s a very simple concept it is a simple to play game that’s actually pretty entertaining as a simple time killer. It’s more challenging and requires more concentration than you’d think since timing is crucial. I’d love to see the graphics improved on it, more obstacles added and an online leaderboard added but it is a new app. In the end, if you have some free time on your hands check it out cause it’ll fill that without a problem. Oh and here’s a video: