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Swype defines use of software for ROM Developers

Swype has been a long standing favorite keyboard of mine for quite a while and there has always been questions raised about it being included in ROMS created by Developers on places like XDA-Developers. XDA has finally received an answer from Swype that will put the issue of Swype being included in Custom ROMS to bed. It is pretty clear cut and outlined below, so have a quick read:

While we at Swype are obligated to protect our intellectual property, we also feel that the enthusiast community is valuable to the long-term success of our business. With that in mind we’d like to offer some rules for posting content related to Swype here on the XDA-developers forum.

The overriding principle behind our policy is that distributing Swype in any way which would allow its use without a license is a violation of our terms of service and our intellectual property rights. This includes the use of features for which the user does not hold a valid license. Therefore the following situations are not allowed:

  • Distribution of Swype standalone APKs in any form;
  • Inclusion of Swype in ROMs where the Swype licensing mechanisms have been stripped;
  • The addition of features, such as the voice input button, to devices where the user does not hold a license or appropriate rights for these features – this includes the distribution of additional languages; and
  • Any other use of Swype that infringes any third party copyrights or other intellectual property rights or violating any third party terms of service.

The following, however, are allowed by Swype (assuming you have all other required third party rights):

Inclusion of Swype in ROMs for devices which come with Swype preinstalled, where the version of Swype matches the version distributed with the device and all licensing mechanisms remain intact, and where the user is not infringing on any third party copyrights or other intellectual property rights or violating any third party (e.g., a device manufacturer or carrier) terms of service; and
The use of MetaMorph(R) to modify graphical elements in any licensed installation of Swype.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making sure our intellectual property and that of third parties is protected, while still allowing those who love to customize their devices in such awesome ways the liberty to do so. Swype reserves all of its rights.

I think Swype does a pretty good job laying out what they will and won’t approve as well covering their own rear ends with the OEM’s. XDA has gotten behind this so hopefully we will continue to see good things from Developers that are legally including Swype in their ROMS.

via XDA

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