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Symbian Anna & Windows Phone UI mash up creates a beautiful UI [Concept]

Before you all get excited, let us tell you that this fictional design would perhaps never make into this real world. But, we can dream about it, right? So, you see there are indeed some people out there who don’t like Metro UI. Finnish designer Tommy Incrosnatu is one of them. He mashed up Symbian Anna’s updated UI (those round icons) and Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI to create something new, which we must say looks beautiful. The concept features a background image, live tiles that display more than just numbers and a grid style apps page with Symbian Anna’s round icons.

This design is actually possible, as we already know that Microsoft granted Nokia full permission to customize anything in the UI. But still there is one flaw in this concept. The hardware keys, look again, there is just one key, the home button. Tommy thinks that those hardware keys are “redundant” and its function can be executed by multi-touch gestures. But, removal of back and search button is definitely not going to happen, Microsoft is strict with its hardware rules for WPs.

Let us know what do you think about this concept.