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T-Mo G2 OCed from 800MHz to 1.9GHz, Seems Stable

Some were dismayed to learn that T-Mobile’s G2 would only be packing an 800MHz processor given that, after all, it’s high time we move toward describing CPU clock speeds and home wireless phone frequencies in gigahertz, damnit. Intentional or not, it seems HTC tucked in one hell of an Easter egg which the XDA gangland just discovered and that is that its Qualcomm Scorpion CPU may be, with the right kernel, cranked up to an insane 1.9GHz with reported apparent stability and Quadrant scores breaking 3000. Hot damn!

Well hey, if you’ve got a G2 and this sounds like something to do or your heater broke and you’re cold, head over to Flippy’s XDA thread for his 1.9GHz and 1.8GHz kernels. Start by reading the directions below the part where he says it’s not his fault if your phone causes a nuclear explosion. If you didn’t get a G2 because of the 800MHz thing, maybe eyeball the kernel thread for a few days for reports of instability and bricked phones or affirmation to the contrary and reconsider.

And here I was feeling all badass about riding my 1GHz Nexus at 1.15GHz. Now I’ve got Quadrant envy.

Doug Simmons via AndroidPolice

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