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T-Mobile Doing the Android Market Direct Billing Thing Too

Not to be outdone for too long (except in overall coverage I guess) by LAMET&T (see what I did there?) T-Mobile, as I just discovered when being cool by paying for a donate version of an app (obnoxiously large proof below), is offering the same. South Korea Telecom may be as well.

Seems the secret’s out that this is an everybody-wins sort of thing, the carriers I’m guessing, the developers, the consumers. Everybody wins except possibly the Google Checkout boys.

Check it out this “in the wild” shot I snagged from an anonymous source:

I bet you’re thinking “I can’t believe this stupid idiot is so dumb that he actually posted a big picture of his email and part of his credit card on a blog!” Which reminds me of this funny pic I found:

I suppose it’s time to concede that, after a good four years of trying, Google Checkout failed to lift off significantly in terms of being a serious threat to Paypal (I blame the long name), and as much as I’d like to see people pressured to use it in situations like buying something through a Google-controlled thing like the Android market, the bottom line is that this direct carrier billing saves consumers what is to us a huge step of not having to sign up for something that interrupts our impulse buying or donating. How about you, Verizon? Still working on that math problem?

That app I was grabbing (actually just donating, already had the thing) is Android2Cloud. It’s the opposite of Chrome2Phone, it rules and I’ll write about it soon, don’t worry – and yes I’ll accidentally give out my social security number.

Doug Simmons