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T-Mobile Economy Class HTC Touch Viva

I often wonder how many more people would have an HTC Windows Mobile Device if it wasn’t for the cost. Even with a Contract you are looking at a cost of $200 to $400 dollars. Granted you can always buy used off eBay, but what if you could buy a new HTC Windows Mobile Device for a whopping 4.95 Euro, or $6.50 US! If you are in Europe then you can now take advantage of the new HTC Touch Viva being offered by T-Mobile!

The HTC Touch Viva is pretty nice looking device that still has an impressive spec sheet even though it is for the budget minded consumer. The Touch Viva comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional,  WiFi, GPS, Micro SD slot, and some TouchFlo 2D goodness. The Touch Viva even will allow you about 8 hours of talk time that even the high dollar HTC Devices can’t touch (no pun intended)

One big draw back on the HTC Touch Viva is the missing 3G data that is a standard feature these days. That pretty much alone clinches that we will not see the HTC Touch Viva on this side of the pond even though it is a Quad Band Phone that supports EDGE.

Let’s hope that the US Carriers recognize that a budget minded WinMo Device might be a hot ticket in a struggling economy.


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