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T-Mobile HTC HD2 $99.99 with 2 Year Contract!

Wow! This is the best deal I have ever seen on a new launch device of this caliber! We are talking flagship Windows Mobile Device and the most cutting edge hardware packed device on the market! I am not going to copy and paste specifications cause if you don’t know by now that the HTC HD2 comes with a WVGA 4.3 inch Gorgeous Capacitive Screen, and the 1gHz Snapdragon processor, then I am not going to tell you! 🙂

If you are on the AT&T Exodus Train heading heading for greener non AT&T iPhone Network Impaired Pastures, check out Wirefly that has the T-Mobile HTC HD2 for $99.99!!! That is SICK!!

Mine is on the way so our review of it will be coming a little later, but in all honesty, there isn’t anything about this device that most of you don’t know about already because of all our reported leaks and videos from the European release that always happens months in advance of our carriers getting their hands on it!

Head on over to Wirefly ASAP for yours! We will keep posting deals on the T-Mobile HTC HD2 as we get them!