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T-Mobile is pushing out Vibrant OTA Updates

tmovibrantWe recently saw that AT&T was sending out an OTA Update for the Captivate which had a lot of discussion on whether or not it actually fixed the GPS Issue. Samsung confirmed it but many users were still reporting painfully slow GPS Lock times. It looks like now that T-Mobile is finally going to start pushing out the update as well. AndroidCentral has reported that it has learned of a few users getting the update (but not all) as well as some people on XDA Developers. Will the T-Mobile OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy S Device T-Mobile users know as the Vibrant get it worked out? Let us know if you got the update and any improvement on the very irritatingly slow GPS Lock times.

UPDATE: Looks like T-Mobile has also released an announcement that 10/7/10 is the day the OTA Update will start:

Samsung Vibrant OTA Update Starting 10/7/10

10-07-2010 08:03 AM

We are pleased to share that starting October 7, T-Mobile and Samsung will begin to send an over-the-air (OTA) update to Samsung Vibrant customers, which will provide a number of benefits and improvements, including optimized GPS performance and new access to the Samsung Media Hub, which offers a robust collection of movie titles and TV programming for purchase or rental.
The update will be sent to customers in staggered waves and we anticipate all customers will receive it by the end of October. Customers will be notified of the OTA via the Android Operating Notification Bar located at the top of the Vibrant phone screen.

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