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How to Make Video Playback on Your Phone Louder

I don’t know about you guys, but I was extremely disappointed with the volume output on my HD7’s speaker.  However, while watching more video I noticed that not all videos played back at super low volumes.  Some videos were so loud the phone vibrated a bit.  I decided to see if I could increase the volume of the video file itself, and it turns out I can.  Here’s how I did it, and you can do it too.  Should work with other platforms as well.

All you really need is transcoding software(I used Any Video Converter – Free, but as long as you can increase the volume and queue files it’ll work).  Typically you wont need this for Windows Phones because the Zune player will handle most media types, but we aren’t going to to be changing the format of the file, just increasing the volume.  Now go to “Edit” and then “Options”.  Click on over to the “Audio” tab and slide the slider to the desired amount u want to increase the volume.  I preferred 10dB but you can go as high as 20db.  Hit “ok” and then go over to the right column panel.  Chance Video Codec to “original” in the dropdown menu to the right of it.  Then do the same for Frame Size.  Change Video Bitrate is set to 768 but I prefer 1024 and then just let Zune(for Non-Windows Phone users, it’s personal preference, if you can’t tell the difference between 768 and 1024 then use 768) downgrade it accordingly.  Framerate is fine on “auto”. 

Now that we have the settings completed, simply grab the files you want to change in explorer and drag them into Any Video Converter.  After you have populated the queue, just click convert and watch as it works it’s magic(or go and do something else, it might take awhile if you have a lot files).  The conversion process shouldn’t take too much time as it’s not doing much with the video itself.  Once the job is done, add the new files to the Zune library and sync it to your phone.  Remember, if your file wasn’t compatible with Zune, iTunes, or the phone itself, before you did this, it wont be after either (like an .mkv file for example).  You will need to transcode it into a format that is supported.  You should now have audible audio for you portable viewing pleasure.  Let me know if this was helpful or if you have a better method for increase volume of videos in the comments.