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T-Mobile myTouch 4G ad goes after AT&T’s iPhone 4

As many of you know by now T-Mobile is now live with 4G in over 75 cities and is officially “America’s Largest 4G Network” So what do you do when you got a claim like that and a pretty cool device to back it up? You go after the 800lb Gorilla of course! And that is exactly what T-Mobile has done with a not so original, but clever jab at Apple’s “I’m a Mac” Ads. touting also that T-Mobile myTouch 4G device owners can video chat anywhere anytime unlike AT&T’s iPhone that has FaceTime is only good when connected to WiFi. The younger guy represents the Apple iPhone 4 and the old man represents AT&T’s struggling network that the iPhone has to carry around. These two compared to a very attractive young lady representing the T-Mobile network and dressed in Pink for affect. (We liked the affect too)

Check out the video and stay tuned for more marketing by T-Mobile and the “America’s Largest 4G Network” campaign.

[via BGR]

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