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Samsung Galaxy S5 Photos Leaked

Just ahead of the announcement and Mobile World Congress we got our hands on some leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that we have been waiting for. Korean made Samsung has raised the bar on the S5 and added a lot of new goodies. For starters there is now a finger print scanner in the home button just like Apple’s iPhone 5S. Sammy also added a heart rate monitor for those of you who like keeping up with how your ticker is ticking.  It looks pretty cool and is located below the flash on the back side. Sammy is also packing the SGS5 with a 2800 mAh batter that will make a noble attempt at keeping what appears to be a larger screen that predecessor S4 powered up. The screen in fact looks to be larger than 5” and possible 5.25 inch. The SGS5 looks a lot like the S4 with the rounded edges and not quite as rectangular as the Note 3 which is pictured. I am not a huge fan of the dimpled back panel on the S5 and would have preferred a rubberized coating to make sure you can hang on to this beast. 

Check out the pictures below and hold tight for the Samsung announcement that should be coming soon.



  Galaxy-S5-leaked-compare-sgs4 Galaxy-S5-leaked-heart-rate

Galaxy-S5-leaked-bottom1 Galaxy-S5-leaked-finger-print-scanner


(source: Hardwarezone, SaudiAndroid via Redmond Pie)