As of today, T-Mobile apparently no longer offers their Even-More-Plus (no contract) plans on their website. Yesterday I was able to take an Even-More-Plus plan all the way to checkout. Today, they have ceased to exist. Stranger still, the list of their Even-More (2 year contract) plans is pretty confusing and very illogical. For example, I am able to select a plan that gives me 500 minutes with unlimited web and texting for $79.99. I am also able to select a plan that gives me 1500 minutes with unlimited text and web for the same $79.99. Even worse, I’m able to select a third plan that gives me 1000 minutes, unlimited text and web for $89.99. Yes that’s right, 10 dollars more and 500 minutes less. This is America T-Mobile, if there is one thing we do understand, it’s that more is always better. I don’t know what happened but you better fix it quick before I buy my Dell Venue Pro. That gives you until tomorrow to be exact. I want my Even-More-Plus plan with 500 minutes/unlimited text/web for $59.99 option back pronto! Please?


  1. Now why would anybody get anything more than the 500 minute plan? With mobile to mobile free I have not come anywhere close to hitting 400 in a month? The only time I actually call a land line is for Dr’s and stuff and I just use the work land line then.

  2. As long as I get a lot of data I don’t care at all about text messaging (Google Voice) nor do I care much about voice (SIP+Google Voice and soon Google Voice officially without any tricks I’ve read, at least over wifi).

    Last I heard with these guys you can get 5GB a month at which point they reserve the right to start throttling you down (throttling down throughput, not shutting off the faucet entirely) but not charging you extra, right? That’s still T-mo’s definition of unlimited web?

    If the Nexus One’s successor, whoever makes, ends up on T-Mobile first I won’t be waiting around for an eventual AT&T version to emerge.

  3. I’m wondering why anyone would choose the 500 minute plan. The 1500 plan is the same price. Seems a bit silly to me. If you ask me it really looks like T-mobile is just trying to have the appearance of choices. There are no good options if you want data for under 79.99, plain and simple. This pushes everyone into the 80 a month bracket, and since smartphone purchases are skyrocketing they make out like crooks.

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