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T-Mobile, Your Plans Make No Sense!

As of today, T-Mobile apparently no longer offers their Even-More-Plus (no contract) plans on their website. Yesterday I was able to take an Even-More-Plus plan all the way to checkout. Today, they have ceased to exist. Stranger still, the list of their Even-More (2 year contract) plans is pretty confusing and very illogical. For example, I am able to select a plan that gives me 500 minutes with unlimited web and texting for $79.99. I am also able to select a plan that gives me 1500 minutes with unlimited text and web for the same $79.99. Even worse, I’m able to select a third plan that gives me 1000 minutes, unlimited text and web for $89.99. Yes that’s right, 10 dollars more and 500 minutes less. This is America T-Mobile, if there is one thing we do understand, it’s that more is always better. I don’t know what happened but you better fix it quick before I buy my Dell Venue Pro. That gives you until tomorrow to be exact. I want my Even-More-Plus plan with 500 minutes/unlimited text/web for $59.99 option back pronto! Please?