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T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile Offering Free Data For FaceBook Only.

Could this be a new trend? Let’s offer free internet data to users on the form of accessing Facebook only. Well, ridiculously profitable ad based Facebook can afford to apparently subsidize T-Mobile’s prepaid brand GoSmart Mobile free data as long as you pollute your mind with Facebook ads. We already have ad based free content providers for media like Crackle that will allow you to watch some pretty cool movies but be prepared to encounter a lot of commercials and ads. Seems fair though right? If you didn’t want to pay for uninterrupted media content from providers like Netflix, then suffer through ads to get it for free. So now that model has moved over to Data and it makes me wonder how much longer until we will see more of this. Google, the largest advertising company in the world must be thinking in terms of these lines already. They already offer tons of free services through their account members like a pretty spiffy cloud service and office suite, how long until they offer free data to view more of their ads?

For now enjoy free data from GoSmart Mobile with Facebook and wait as more services embrace free internet as long as you succumb to to their ads.