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T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant Android Device On Sale $99

T-Mobile users can take advantage of a great sale going on right now on the Android Device Samsung Vibrant from the Galaxy S family. We have heard a log of good things about the Vibrant through a lot of our AT&T Friends sporting the Captivate. We do know that there are a lot of reports of GPS problems, but Samsung has a fix coming soon that will take care of that. Other than that, we have been real impressed with the device so far. This will also help T-Mobile take a bite out of what appears to be the Android King Verizon and help prepare TMO for their just announced G2.

So are you down with the T-Mobile Vibrant, we love to hear readers thoughts on these devices cause we can’t own them all (we are trying however). So if you have the Vibrant, please let us know what you think of it and crop some comment love!

Head over to T-Mobile HERE