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Motorola Olympus coming to AT&T

Motorola is no stranger to Android and did an excellent job capturing a lot of market share with it’s powerhouses the Droid, Droid x, and Droid 2 to name a few. I had the Droid X for a while and I really liked the device. Motorola put the latest and greatest hardware under the hood and had a great build quality. Motorola has also had to work hard to stay current with the likes of HTC and Samsung also doing well in the Android market with killer devices. So what’s next with Motorola? How do they follow up with the success of the Droid line? Meet the Motorola Olympus. Windows Mobile owners turned Android still have a bad taste in their mouth with the Qualcomm Processor “Drivergate” issue that plagued many of the devices HTC manufactured. But other than a small offering of Hummingbird Processors by Samsung, we have not had a lot to cheer about except the teaser that NVIDIA would finally release the Tegra. Well it looks like the wait is over and we will finally be able to cheer about some NVIDIA Tegra goodness, actually NVIDEO Tegra 2 Dual Core goodness! The Tegra 2 dual core processor would be the first to bring us 1080i HD Video as well!

So the Motorola Olympus (Terminator) which has been heavily rumored to be coming to AT&T was spotted by a BGR reader on the AT&T Share Facebook Page, was confirmed by AT&T, but then quickly pulled for obvious reasons, they don’t discuss any unreleased devices.

The current beta Motorola Olympus handsets are said to be tested with Android 2.2 and Motorblur on it, but we are all hoping that the Olympus will be the first to sport Gingerbread (Android 2.3) out of the box for AT&T Customers. I don’t look for AT&T to move that quick and get Gingerbread out before the Holidays, so if it will in fact be released with Gingerbread, we are looking at 2011 folks.