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My name is Robert but I go by the screen name of HERG62123.  I am a big time American Activist in securing the USA from Cyber Attacks.  I am very knowledgeable in defensive and offensive ways to prevent these attacks.   I bring this quick bio info about me cause a friend of mine named Simmons challenged me to create a report on the FAMOUS Hacktivist named th3j35t3r.  The following report is my personal findings on th3j35t3r or as I like to call my report THE T4NG0 D0WN R3P0RT.

I have browsed several websites that talks about th3j35t3r but I wanted to know more on who is th3j35t3r.  Some of my info comes from the following sites:,,,, and other sites as well.

According to Wikipedia – The Jester first appeared on Twitter where he announced his attack on the Taliban website on January 1, 2010. On June 26, 2010 he established his WordPress  blog “Jester’s Court”. The Jester also communicates via his I2P IRC channel #jester and cautions these are the only three authentic methods of communication from him: “As per usual, because of the large amount of imposters trying to pass themselves off as me I will only speak in THREE places, here via this blog, my twitter and the i2p IRC network outlined above where my nick (th3j35t3r) is registered to myself. If you see a ‘jester’ anywhere else it’s not me.”

Once I read the above from Wikipedia I was hooked on more info.  Th3j35t3r is an American Hacktivist that calls himself a Gray Hat Hacktivist.  He is well known for taking out websites belonging to Terrorist Groups, the famous Anonymous Hacking Group, and anyone else that is a threat to America National Security.  Yes you heard me right a hacker that fights for American National Security.  He takes down the sites not with a botnet (botnet – a group of zombie computers being controlled by a command and controller) but with a program he has created called “XerXeS”. The attack is used with a single computer.  XerXes is programmed to adjust the attack depending if the attack is successful or not.  His famous saying is “Tango Down” (Tango Down – an army slang that refers to target down).  This saying is used on his twitter account when the targeted website has been shut down and until th3j35t3r stops the attack there is no way to reach the targeted site.  “XerXes” sounds to be a very interesting program.  I know it will never happen, but I would love to get my hands on a copy of “XerXes”.

Video of XerXes in Action

As I prowled the internet I have found several interesting things about th3j35t3r,

According to Wikipedia – The Jester had stated that he was a former soldier and had served in Afghanistan and elsewhere.  A former defense operative claimed that The Jester was a former military contractor involved in US Special Operations Command projects.  On April 10, 2012, The Jester gave a live chat interview to a class of Computer Science students at the University of Southern Maine where he confirmed his military service and stated he served four “operational tours”.

Th3j35t3r in an online interview with Fox News has attacked any country that helps Snowden the Whistleblower of the NSA Prizm Scandal we all know about.  He has also gone after WikiLeaks because they held American National Security Classified Documents which endangered USA Troops in the Middle East Areas.

Th3j35t3r is an ongoing investigation by the famous (a bunch of bitches faking the funk) hacktivist group called Anonymous.   Th3j35t3r has spoiled attempts by Anonymous to reveal who he is but th3j35t3r has helped reveal who Anonymous Players are and they have been caught.  It had gotten so bad that fake Jester Twitter accounts popped up saying he was arrested but was dismissed by him.   Oh and by the way….The hacker group Anonymous, Jester’s nemesis, reportedly saw a 39% decline in membership immediately following the massive FBI child porn sting operation of Tor provider Freedom Hosting.  An Anonymous spokesperson insisted it was a coincidence.

Here recently, the laptop th3j35t3r used is in the National Spy Museum.

From th3j35t3rs own words from his blog on how this came about:

“The irony of how the Museum even found out about the laptop in the first place.

I originally attempted to auction my decommissioned laptop using the BitMit Bitcoin auction site, to preserve my anonymity and donate the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. What could go wrong?

Well, it was all going great, I let everyone know via twitter and my blog and a few bids came in. Then predictably the crazed stalker now known as NarcoTroll Emick and her then sidekick (she has a new sidekick now) decided that it was all a big scam, I didn’t have the laptop and so on, the usual fathomless shit from her. They took it upon themselves to sabotage the auction, in the interests of the public at large (clearly lol) to prevent me from ‘ripping anybody off’. Asshats, I know. Here’s NarcoTroll Emick claiming the laptop doesn’t exist and here’s a screenshot of their outrageous bidding.

I suppose it was naive of me to think this wouldn’t happen, but I thought it was worth a shot for a good cause. So it came to be that the auction had to be abandoned, all because NarcoTroll Emick knows best, and isn’t at all vindictive and jealous or anything right? So I’d like to thank the NarcoTroll Emick because without her obsessive mission to ‘thwart’ my every move, this whole thing would never have happened. Thanks Jen, I am so proud.

Moral of the story. Be careful what you wish troll for.”


And finally th3j35t3r has created an app for android called Bitcoin Bud – Realtime Signals.  The link to his app is found here at  It is an Android App to provide folks with the first ever real-time Bitcoin trading.  I have asked th3j35t3r on Twitter he needs to make it for windows phone devices.  His funny reply was “whats a windows phone”.  Maybe one day he will create it for windows phone or if he likes I can use my developer account and I can post it for him.  I have not asked the last one yet but I am thinking about it extremely hard.

So after all this we are still wondering, “Who is TH3J35TER?”

As th3j35t3rs twitter account states,” Proud infidel, hacktivist for good. Pro pitier of fools.”

My answer is I do not want to know because that is the fun of the mystery.  Everyone loves a good mystery that never gets resolved cause once it is shown then we all lose interest.