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Tablets: The tech worlds ‘D’ students

Yes, I get it.  Tablets are the new thing.

Aside from being a smartphone with no phone abilities and glandular problem, I don’t understand why.

Let me preface this by saying I know why some people have them:  They want to, they can afford it, and it completes a few menial tasks better than their current laptop or smartphone.  I could probably make a Venn diagram with iPad owners and people who ritualistically shop QVC.

The argument so far is portability.  Tablets have a portability that laptops don’t have.  It lets me do things like I do on my smartphone, but it’s like a netbook, and its  portability has really set me free!

Unfortunately, its feature set is lacking.  Try typing out a lengthy document curled over an 8 inch screen with a touchscreen keypad or go over spreadsheets, presentations, or other important things this portability lets you do without a crick in your neck, especially in the coach section of a smelly airborne tin can where your portability really shines.  That is, if, the hardware and software concessions made for portability allow you to do anything besides browse half-baked apps that half the time aren’t even optimized for tablet use.  Sure, you can bring a keyboard and mouse and all that… but you might as well just bring your laptop at that point.

Right now, tablets are luxury pieces.  If someone can point out something to me that tablets can do better than netbooks, ultrathins, laptops, or smartphones on a constant basis, then I’ll concede… but it looks like the OS programmers of our general tablet scene have resigned the device to being an overpriced accessory.  Windows 8 for Tablets is making the promise of more powerful, maybe even useful tablets… but I’m not holding my breath.  Whenever a tablet can have a slate form factor and all the wonderful power of a laptop with all the little touch screen goodness and portability, you can consider me a convert.