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Take Your Time Answering That Call

If you are always missing your calls you may just want to change the amount of time you have to answer the phone before it gets redirected to voicemail. Sorry, but this only works if your carrier has enabled it (AT&T has it and Sprint does not). Simply go to Settings – Phone – Services  and select "Call Forwarding" and press ‘Get Settings’ and just wait for it to retrieve the carriers information. The "Forward After" setting should be preset to 20 seconds. You can change this to 30 seconds to give you more time which will then be saved to the network. And you’re done:)

You can also get a little more time by using the leaked AT&T ROM or if you are using the stock Fuze ROM use the extracted slide 2 answer both of which have a lot faster response time to incoming phone calls than the stock ROM (or stock with the traditional slide 2 answer).

Thanks to ice_coffee of XDA for this tip and to the man without a name for pointing this out:)