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First Annual Wirefly Blog Awards – Start Nominating!

Well, the article title pretty much says it all. 🙂 is asking everyone to nominate your favorite blog to be nominated for the First Annual Wirefly Blog Awards! Now, it would be very irresponsible for me to try to hint around at a few of the suggestions I have (cough- Fuze Mobility for Windows Mobile) I really need to see someone for that cough I got…

Anyway, there are 5 categories in which they are looking to award so make your voice heard and head on over to 

Wirefly is now accepting nominations for the first annual Wirefly Blog Awards!

Blogs with the most nominations will be given extra weight when determining finalists, so be sure let your audience know to post their nominations on the appropriate pages below.
Instructions: To nominate your favorite blog in each category, just post the name or URL of the blog in the comment section of the category page.

The nomination period ends April 15, 2010.
Finalists will be selected by Wirefly staff from the list of nominations.
On April 16, 2010, the finalists will be announced and user voting will be opened on the category page to determine the winners.
Winners will be announced on May 1, 2010. Read full terms and conditions on the Rules page.
Award Prizes: $250
Award Recognition: Promotion across and other Wirefly web properties
Mention in press release announcing winners
Recognition on Blog Awards page for 1 year.
Wirefly Blog Awards badge.