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Taptitude–One Year Later #1 in Free Games in Marketplace and $100k+ in Ad Revenue

Taptitude is the top free game for Windows Phones. It’s a massive collection of minigames that constantly evolves and has leaderboards and upgrades throughout. Through weekly updates and new games as well as rewarding those that play repeatedly within the game, they have a massive following and have even surpassed 1million ad impressions in a day. How else are they doing? Well they’ve surpassed $100,000 in ad revenue in the past year through pubcenter advertising (but there was AdDuplex ads served for periods of time not being shown here). They’re also just shy of 100m ads served.

Yes, it’s a game with games but it is staggering how well they have done at creating a following. Anyone who hasn’t played it, it’s free and you definitely should give it a try. There are minigames that are free versions of classics (like Fruit Ninja) and it’s amazing how good these guys are at kicking out slick, well put together and fun minigames that have progressive levels. It’s great. For developers, there’s a lot of information over the last year and they provide a lot of their eCPM and other data including countries and phones that are playing Taptitude. There’s a surprisingly high number of people that have still not updated to Mango by the way.

By the way if they continue on their current path they will have a healthy revenue this year as that $100k includes periods of time where they were building their user base and before they had ad impressions in the consistent range they have them now.

 You can read it in full here.