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Telus’s Touch Pro II Gets A 3.5mm Audio Jack!

We have been feeding you some information that Telus was going to release the Touch Pro II from HTC in a World Edition (Read Here) that would feature both EV-Do Rev A plus have GSM bands included on the same device! This has been a long awaited feature for those of us who travel and need to swap carriers. But today we got the goods on yet another exclusive to Telus, or at least so far to Telus, that they would also sport the TP2 with a 3.5mm Audio Jack! Now if you are new to HTC Devices, you know that they have been heavily criticized by some for not including a 3.5 Audio Jack in favor of making device owners use a Mini USB Corded Headphone. (I have always been puzzled by the heat HTC Took because of the the availability of BT Headsets that are very affordable and don’t limit movement like corded headsets do.) In any case, The Mobile Syrup shot the following videos that confirms the 3.5 Audio Jack will be included:


So far we know that none of the US carriers with the slight exception of AT&T will offer the 3.5 Audio Jack. Let’s hope that AT&T with their amazing secrecy surrounding their version of the TP2 will also include a 3.5 Audio Jack! This may make up for the massive amount of bloat you are going to force us to remove!


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