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Well That Explains My Good Signal

I was doing laundry the other day, came down too early for the dryer transferal so I had to wait, looked at the wall with an odd amount of communications equipment, saw AT&T, T-Mobile, NEC, Nextel, UMTS and so on – and it hit me, I must have cell towers on my roof. Thoughts that went through my head included I wonder how much the building’s owner’s getting paid for that, would it hurt property values if all the tenants knew and had a radiation panic and what these things look like if they do in fact exist.

Went outside, sho’nuff, towers.

It stirred up the old phreaker in me that I’ve kept bottled up inside since I was a kid. Finished the laundry and grabbed a camera to put all this stuff on the Internet for all the other people who like me are very easily fascinated to enjoy, zoom in on and make sense of what does what. Here you go, click to blow up, google some serial numbers. Or don’t. Whatever. Just some stupid pictures, pointless if you think like my wife. But you don’t, based on your making it this far into my latest post. She would never do that.

All right so here’s the laundry room obviously, the stuff of interest not just being on the left but straight ahead, that gray set of lockers which has a bunch of tubes full of wires going through the top of it. That would make for some good photography but if you look up and to the right you’ll see I’ve got an eye in the sky on my ass and it’s sketchy enough to be taking pictures of “infrastructure” in New York City these days when it’s in plain sight, but breaking into something that’s at least latched if not locked to take pictures, that’s wtf sketchy so you’ll just have to settle for what I’ve got.

Originals here.

Okay you’re cut off for now big guy. Speaking of cutting… no, I’m not going to speak of that. Hey, if you’ve got your own blog or whatever and think these pictures are awesome and would be appreciated by your people, after googling enough to be confident that what I did is legal, slap a mobilitydigest watermark on it. I mean, man, what are all those VGA ports doing there? NEC optical what?! T-mo and AT&T sharing the same pole? And what’s with the / in AT/T? These guys don’t like writing ampersands much I guess. Yeah that makes sense, much easier to type the &, not even sure if I’ve ever actually tried to write it by hand. 

This can’t be traced back to me, right?

Doug Simmons