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Texts Messages Finally Get Colored Bubbles

It’s sad that this is exciting, but it is.  See that – it’s little bubbles and each person gets their own bubble color to distinguish sender from receiver in a text message conversation so it looks like an actual back and forth conversation.  So you know, this only works for the standard SMS app so you can’t use it with TF3D (or you need to dig down a few levels to get to this if TF3D is enabled). All you need to do is go to this thread on XDA and copy the files into \Windows (use Total Commander or a similar app). You are warned to back up your files before you overwrite them. I tried it on my phone (VGA 6.5.3) and it worked but oddly only in some messages. So some showed this way and others looked standard. Not sure why but I have to confess I’ve had a few compatibility issues lately with software- that’s what I get for not flashing twice a week:) Anyway, XDA posts suggest it seems to be a little hit or miss depending on the ROM/device but it’s a good look so if you have TF3D turned off give it a shot and of course, tell us what you find.  It’s a work in progress but we applaud the effort. This is long over due but hopefully WM7 will resolve this anyway:)

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