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@th3j35t3r let this one slide

Hey Jester, so this woman you’re dealing with could be an erotomaniac as you suggested, maybe something with histrionic traits on top of that; my diagnosis would be a borderline personality. But whatever her malfunctions, and this seems pretty obvious from what I read today, you’d be well advised to disengage and shrug off the nonsense like it never happened – even though it did happen and a lot of people are mistakenly mixed up and you’re rightfully irked.

You’ve got a base Jester, I’m in it. Many of us, namely the ones you should take interest in knowing have your back, having stumbled upon what she wrote (in my case through Google News, I’ve got a th3j35t3r section just for you..) do not need any clarification from you whatsoever to dismiss this as pure batshit bullshit on her part with no further conclusions worth being drawn. Trust that our loyalty in and general appreciation of you is more resilient than that. We don’t need the long blog post, the transcripts, the screenshots, the links to related activities of hers – stuff that ate up much too much of your time than was worth to assemble, I bet.

Maybe you want this spat to roll farther (in which case please disregard my plea, it’s great popcorn drama after all), but it appears you’re getting sucked into a protracted nonsensical and presumably confounding distraction. You’ve got tenacity, you’re sharp; but these borderlines, or whatever loose screws she’s got, have both tenacity and craftiness in spades, and yous are a perfect storm from which only she’ll get to escape mostly unscathed and with what she and her enlarging camp of retweeters would perceive as victory.

By the way, you’re a gentleman for redacting her number (and for not lighting up the rest of your arsenal) in spite of this spiteful, repugnant clusterfsck she created. Most people in your shoes wouldn’t have had that restraint regardless of whether her actions were volitional or a manifestation of a some mental disease. I’d expect no less from you, though pat on the back anyway. But moving forward, please try to let this shit slide. Your time and talents may be better applied elsewhere.

Resume staying frosty,
Doug Simmons


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