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The Amazing Spider-Man coming to iOS and Android July 3rd

amazing-spider-manAfter the Avengers I am ready for another trip to the Movies and coming soon will be the Amazing Spider-Man by Sony Pictures. So what not a better way to push the movie than Gameloft and Marvel teaming up to make the video game for iOS and Android that will be coming out on July 3rd 2012!

The Amazing Spider-Man will be a 3D game and stick to the movie story line letting players relive the movie while they play on their iPhone, iPod, or iPad device along with a host of Android Devices as well. The Amazing Spider-Man game is a follow-up from the success Spider-Man: Total Mayhem has been enjoying. My son has been playing it non stop and I will be getting it as well after I finish the latest expansion pack on Infinity Blade II on my iPad.

The Amazing Spider-Man game  is supposed to have an official web page that you can get more information from but it does not look like it is live yet. . Check back here for more information or stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated:

July is going to be awesome!