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The Apple iPhone 4.0 Beta Video On A Jailbroken 3GS

No matter how hard the Manufacturer tries, they cannot stop young enterprising hacks from backwards fitting software to older devices. Such is the case today in this video. We have the iPhone 4.0 Beta being hacked to a Jailbroken 3GS. The video is specifically showing off the Multi Tasking that is coming to the iPhone 4G and is now capable (cough) of working on the 3GS. Check it out:

Watching the video, you get  sense of why the iPhone 3GS didn’t get multi tasking. As he demonstrates some simple programs being multi tasked, the clock app loads very slowly. It is very doubtful that other larger apps would perform any better and most likely, a lot worse. I read through some of the comments on YouTube and of course the normal chastisement for having done this, but it is a really cool effort on his part. If it were me, I would hold for the 4G for any multi tasking however.