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Proporta Turbocharger Back Pack for iPhone 4

There are a lot of charging options for the iPhone 4 but here is a really nice looking extended battery/charging unit from our Proporta. All you di is slide the iPhone 4 right down inside the case and then attach a second part of the case on top. This is a really nice design that doesn’t require you to bend the case and possibly come in at the connector at a different angle other than straight. which bothers me a little bit on the Energizer Extended Battery I am currently using.

On the back of the case there are 4 blue led lights that will let you know how much battery charging you have left in this 1700 mAh battery reservoir.

“Simply Insert the iPhone 4 into the Back Pack by separating the two sections and then sliding them back together once the iPhone is in place. The Back Pack will automatically commence charging and you’ll see the charging icon appear on your iPhone. An LED display shows the level of charge. If you connect the Back Pack with your iPhone housed you can still charge the Back Pack using the USB cable provided. This will also sync your iPhone with your computer. That’s why the TurboCharger back Pack is the one product in Proporta’s range of 3000 accessories that "any iPhone 4 user shouldn’t leave home home without.”

So head on over to Proporta to have a look or to purchase the Turbocharger Back Pack for the iPhone 4 which will run you $66.95.