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The Atari Arcade Brings Direct Control to Atari’s Greatest Hits App

Yeah, this really makes me want an iPad now. This just looks so awesome. It’s a dock for your iPad that turns it into an arcade machine, yes we’ve seen those before but this is different. The best part is that it was made in collaboration with Atari to make sure it all works correctly so gamers fully enjoy the experience. It’s not wireless like the others out there, this actually connects to your iPad for perfect and accurate responses to your movements.

The Atari Arcade powered by Duo from Discovery Bay Games joins the growing line of "app-based accessories" designed specifically for the iPad and iPad 2. Boasting a retro design, complete with an analog joystick and four control buttons, the Atari Arcade brings a mobile, arcade-like experience to the "Atari’s Greatest Hits" app, which has amassed over three million downloads to date on the App Store.

To begin using the Atari Arcade, consumers should first download the "Atari’s Greatest Hits" app from the App Store. With the app installed, simply connect the iPad into the Atari Arcade’s dock and then take control playing up to 100 Atari classics including Asteroids, Centipede® and Missile Command. Unlike wireless connections, this hard-wired dock provides accurate and speedy response to actions taken with the joystick or control buttons while also powering the Atari Arcade without the need for batteries.


"The Atari Arcade brings an entirely new dimension to our already successful ‘Atari’s Greatest Hits’ app," said Lee Jacobson, SVP of Licensing, Atari Inc. "The Atari Arcade controller delivers a true mobile arcade experience."


"We’ve worked closely with Atari to ensure this controller is optimized to the fullest extent for each game offered in their app," said Craig Olson, CEO, Discovery Bay Games.  "We’ve designed the Atari Arcade so that it delivers a cool-factor for today’s digital gamer that’s both nostalgic and sleek."


The Atari Arcade will be available for $59.99 at Target (October 2, 2011); Apple Stores,, and Toys R Us (November 1, 2011).


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