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The Best Phone To Get

I’m sure you hear people talk about the phone they are planning on getting and you probably chime in. Well we thought it may be time to openly have this discussion.  This isn’t the best phone for you. This is for your co-worker, friend, spouse etc. They’re not going to jailbreak, root or unlock. They read news (no, like world news), sports, maybe some entertainment news and they don’t know what Engadget is. In other words, Joe or Jane go to get a phone – what is the best phone for them to get? Let’s go carrier by carrier:

AT&T – home of the iPhone. Yup, I may hate it but you pick the thing up and it works and it’s purdy. But don’t buy it now. Wait another month or so for the iPhone 4/HD

Verizon – the Incredible has to take the honors. Top specs, easy to use. Should be suitable for most people.

Sprint – wait two weeks and get yourself a shiny EVO. The phone that boasts 4G and the highest specs for anything on the market (even the iPhone HD) with an 8mp camera and HDMI out for starters

TMobile – The HD2 is good to go. Massive screen, features Swype and Sense for ease of use and has a great camera. Hits the spot if you can get your hands on one

So look at that. I just recommended an iPhone and two Droids or Androids or whatever’ they’re calling them these days. So, did I get it right?

Oh and as a footnote, if they can wait they should wait 5-6 months for WP7 to hit, but that’s a footnote…thus it’s down here and labeled as such:)