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The HD2 Blockbuster Video App – Freed

WMPowerUser reported that the new Blockbuster Video app on the HD2 will actually allow you to stream movies directly to your phone. Yup, no PC needed. And guess what? They’re right. I know cause I just installed it on a Pure:) So shortly after their reporting it was extracted by MichaelMyers of XDA. Upon installation you’re greeted to an upgrade (to v 2.16). You can see that the app states “search our catalog, manage your queue, download videos to your device and find a store”. At this point you can browse movies but I don’t see a way to actually get movies. Also, some of the tabs are actually links to the web. Like the ‘find store’ tab actually brings you to their website to enter your location. Anyway, you may want to give it a shot to see if you can get further than I did. 

blockbuster blockbuster2 Blockbuster3