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The HTC Giveaway Has Ended

In case you didn’t know about this, HTC back in December ran a huge giveaway where they were giving away 1 AT&T Fuze for 120 straight days. As of April 5th, the HTC Giveaway has ended. I played this stupid game almost everyday and came close with two devices in a row more times than I can count, which only added to my frustration of not even winning a ringtone! I did a quick Google search because I did not believe anyone actually won this giveaway, and it turns out a couple people on XDA actually won:

So I guess it wasn’t a fake giveaway after all! If you won, please drop a comment and rub it in! It would have been great to see someone in our community win. It would have been even better if I had won! LOL

Okay HTC, I got the next giveaway all laid out for you, it’s called Giveaway! I think HTC should send me one as a small gesture of appreciate don’t you think?