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The HTC Touch Pro II Pre-Sale Resource Center

Are you looking to upgrade from the HTC Touch Pro to the HTC Touch Pro II? If you are, then we have just the thing to help you with your pre-sale on the TP2! Stan City in our forums compiled this list of all the websites offering the HTC Touch Pro II. Check it out:

Clove Technology: £449 (£516.35 inc VAT)

Handtec: £446.99 (£514.04 inc VAT)

Inkino: £N/A (£517.95 inc VAT)

Mobile Phone Direct: Call 0845 470 4000 or visit a store to pre-order

PowerUp Mobile: £499.99

Barcode Warehouse: £519.99 (ex VAT)

Expansys: £514.99 (447.82 exc.) Expected release date 05 Jun 09

The best price converted to USD is $665 from Handtec, but they are all within a few dollars of each other. So will you be upgrading to the Touch Pro II? If so, drop by our forums and let us know and also if there is somewhere offering the Touch Pro II we missed!

As for the US Carriers, who will have the TP2? The only thing we have going right now is THIS rumor that T-Mobile will have the Touch Pro II goodness and call it their “Wing 2”. Release date for the “Wing 2” is rumored for July 1st. No word yet from AT&T which is pretty par for the course.

Even though waiting on the US carriers costs you several months of playing with the most cutting edge device, it saves you a TON of money. It is pretty safe to say that the US carriers will have a $300.00 price tag on their version of the HTC Touch Pro II, but also keep in mind that it will be missing the front facing camera.

Thanks again to Stan City