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Mobility Digest Writers Wanted

We had a really good turnout for the last Writers Call we did back in June, and I want to thank those of you that send us tips and breaking news. Currently, we are looking for more writers specifically for Android and iPhone. We have always been heavy with Windows Mobile and now Windows Phone, but there has been a  lot of requests for other platforms to be covered here on Mobility Digest.  All we require for you to write for Mobility Digest is to have a decent writing skill, a passion for mobility, and the need to have a lot of fun. There are some perks with writing for us, but this is basically for the fun of it. If you are interested in having a lot of fun and sharing your knowledge with the Mobility Digest Community, please send us an email or CLICK HERE.

If you don’t have the time to become a writer, please send us tips on breaking news, or things you would like to see us write more about. Thanks for being part of the Mobility Digest Community!

Thank you,

Doug Smith