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The Latest CorePlayer

If you’re into mobile multimedia, you probably know how great CorePlayer is. If not listen up.

CorePlayer™ Mobile and Pro are at the center of the CoreCodec™ Universe for manipulating multimedia content on your desktop, mobile phone, portable media player, PDA, GPS, or convergence device. CorePlayer is designed to be a next-generation multimedia platform that will extend upon what you thought were limits in playing back fluid multimedia, with its simple yet extremely powerful interface and features that is designed to empower the CoreCodec Community.

Well, they’ve just released v.1.3.5. This release concentrates on enhancing YouTube playback, speed, as well as back porting many of our upcoming 2.0 network enhancements to the 1.x code base. YouTube now lists content faster, loads videos faster, and handles connections in a more intelligent manner for browsing and playing in-between (andgoing in and out of) different network environments (think WiFi to GPRS).

Two other biggies with this release are:
– We now support over 30 languages (Thank you Portal users!!) and we are on track for our goal of 40 by Xmas.
– We have now added AC3 Playback support on OS X if Perian is installed. Windows users will have to wait for 2.0 when we release support for directshow.

It’s not free, but what’s a few bucks for all that love.