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The MiRing

There has been tons of talk about wearable technology as the latest trend these days, but mostly, it all ends up to be half assed uninspiring technology that could have been cool. Perhaps the entire industry is waiting for Apple to actually show up with their iWatch, or even a price drop on Google’s Glass.

Products from the heavy hitters aside, check out this interesting piece of jewelry is you’d be so bold to call it. The MiRing comes loaded with a low powered Bluetooth 4.0 module, plenty of style and a potential recipe for personal disaster. The idea here is super simple, and really genius in it’s own right. The MiRing will be a companion to your phone, giving off a vibration when the phone requires your attention.

My issue with this brilliant accessory is more of a personal battle. See, I’ve been trying really hard to not give my phone my full attention the minute it goes off. I suppose it could be described as a mission to take my life back as opposed to having my devices run my life. Do I need some more thing to pull me back in when I am trying to get away? Hmmm.

None the less, this is a really dope idea, and is currently in the funding stages over at, hop aboard if you’re all for it! It is currently compatible with iOS and Android, sadly, no love for the Windows Phone fan among us. Check out the short video below.

MiRing from MiRing on Vimeo.