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The Mobile OS War Continues

Not for long buddy!  Well maybe for another year at least.

The great part about Capitalism is that for the most part the consumer usually wins.  (except for the case of the video drivers in the Tilt)  Competition brings better and more innovative products.  And it may seem that Microsoft is going to be dropping a couple of big bombs in Barcelona. 

For those with ADD and do not want to read the linked article it basically states that Microsoft has realized that the competition has been doing some really cool stuff and that they have their own surprises in the works.  And from the sound of it I may be holding out a little while longer for a new device.

The way that they are talking about the possible new crop of PPC phones that will come out next year, and possible functionality, I’m going to wait and save my funds.  Can anyone say dual processor; sounds like a Tilt with a turbo charger to me!  Can anyone say Tegra?

Source: CNet

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