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The New iPod Touch, Technologies Best Swiss Army Knife

The New iPod Touch Available In 3 Weeks

I’ve had my fair share of issues to pick at with the new iPhone 5, although the new iPod Touch isn’t available yet, I expect this thing to widen the gap in the market it currently dominates. The 5th generation iPod Touch is a huge deal, at lease I think so. This thing is almost identical to the iPhone 5, minus the cellular chipset.

This could be a breakaway device for some. Sure, we all have a nifty little iOS app we refuse to part ways with, that’s okay. That is Apple’s main strength right now, the echo system is untouchable. With a device like the iPod Touch, you are now free to run those apps, browse the web, listen to music, watch movies and much much more. Oh, and let me tell you, “minus the cellular chipset” doesn’t even apply any more, you can get this thing with network data if you want to. Oh, one more thing, ITS AVAILABLE IN COLORS! You can’t go wrong with colors!

From a none-Apple consumer perspective, this new iPod Touch is the only device in their lineup that still commands that “I must have it” presence about itself. For those who don’t like an ipad because of its size, this is perfect. For those who don’t want or can’t get an iPhone, this is perfect. This might be Apple’s best device because it has everything to offer everyone!

This new iPod Touch is just as powerful as any other device on the market, I think it will serve as a freedom tool for those looking to try a new Windows Phone or Android device but are not willing to miss out on “the next best thing” over in iOS land. Having said that, I might consider getting one myself if the iPad Mini isn’t what I expect it to be. None the less, rumor has it the new iPod Touch will it the market in about three weeks. Stand by folks, this could be Apple’s strongest device yet!