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The New Scroll Bar

If you recall a while back I provided instructions to remove the vertical scroll bar based on the fact that ‘flicking’ and dpad scrolling remove the need to have it. Well it looks like the TP2 will be adopting that line of reasoning. If you take a look at the picture you’ll see what the new scroll bar looks like – it’s the thing gray line on the right.

Where is that picture from? That’s the new Email Setup Wizard ported from the TP2. The only advantage of it over the traditional email setup wizard is that all of the information is on one page instead of hitting ‘next’ three times (you just keep scrolling down) and obviously it’s larger/bubblier text. So it looks like if we go for a TP2 we’re going to be losing the dpad (and thus the scrolling features that come with it) and we’re giving up some of the vertical scroll bar as well so you better start practicing your flicking skills.

If you’re really into a the new email setup wizard it is located in JMZTaylor’s ported app collection.