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WP7 Registry Tweaks Appearing – Grey Theme Available

imageWhat’s that, a grey theme? Yeah, cause it actually looks better than a black theme which loses the tile effect too much (I was surprised too). Oh, WTF am I talking about here? Well the one and only Xboxmod is at it again and has figured out how to make registry changes for HTC devices (only for now). It involves sending a custom xml file to the phone that you can launch thanks to an HTC provisioning tool that’s on the phone. But instead of changing the registry with carrier info, you hit it up with: HKLM\ControlPanel\Themes\1\Accents and change it to –11184811. For the step by step on how to change your registry, this is the original thread. Again, HTC devices only. There’s also a device unlock but it requires an unlocked device (but then cannot be relocked if Chevron fails thus the benefit).

There’s a lot of action going on with registry tweaks. For now I’m sidelined with a Samsung device but I’m hopefully it won’t be long until someone figures out a way to get Samsung write access.

For more information on changing the theme color on your device check out this post on XDA.