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Infinity Blade for iOS on Sale $0.99

Easily on of the best games for iOS is Infinity Blade versions I and II. They make amazing use of the Retina screens and the visual effects and game play are second to none. I have thoroughly enjoyed both versions and can’t wait for the third version to arrive! So if you haven’t gotten around to playing these games than I got more than amazing game play to get you over to iTunes! It’s called a $0.99 sale! That’s right, Infinity Blade is now on sale for s short time for $0.99. So head on over and grab this awesome game, you will not be disappointed unless you already paid full price of $4.99 like I did!

Infinity Blade I for $0.99 CLICK HERE

Infinity Blade II  is NOT on sale and is sold for $6.99 CLICK HERE