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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Engadget’s got the meat on this one, the tablet we all knew was coming finally makes an appearance. The Galaxy Note 8.0 features a 1,280 x 800 8 inch display, a quad core Exynos 4 processor clocked at 1.6ghz, 2GB of ram and comes with a 16GB or 16GB storage option.

As you could imagine, this device probably only has one purpose, to attack the iPad Mini much like the Galaxy S series attacked the iPhone. Aside from the boring cutting edge specs, the Note 8.0 has an interesting trick up it’s sleeve, it can make calls. The Note II continues to enjoy success and receive rave reviews by those who own it, even though the screen approaches the “too big to use as  a phone” size, but this my friends, blows that argument out of the water! This is no longer a phatblet, this IS a tablet! However, as per Engadget, Samsung has no interest in bringing the phone enabled model to the US, so we’ll get the LTE version, which is fine by me.

Loaded with Jelly Bean and full S Pen functionality, Samsung is determined to see Apple’s success with the iPad Mini is short lived, if the sales and comparisons with the iPhone, SG3 war is any indication of what is to come, Apple is in for a fight!