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TweetCaster updated and now #1 Twitter App for me

Yeah so I just wrote about my Addiction to Twitter apps and wanted to share with you an update that I absolutely love for my iPhone! It’s called TweetCaster and I happen to have the Pro Version that I coughed up money for (shocker). So TweetCaster Pro and the Free version all got upgraded to 2.2 with some awesome new features. Check em’  out:

What’s New in Version 2.2

+ Lists upgraded to SmartLists – the most powerful way to manage and use Twitter lists
+ Search transformed to Search Party – how Twitter search was meant to be
+ Smart Filters added to timeline to filter keywords, links, pictures, or videos
+ See who retweeted any tweet
+ View follow requests from your profile
+ Image preview for Twitter photos
+ Support for iOS 5 system level Twitter integration
+ Copy tweet text to clipboard
+ Notification when tweets are sent successfully
+ Improved Settings screen

I am really liking this new version and the image preview feature. When I want to read a Tweet with a link in it instead of just tapping the link and opening a browser up you can pull from the bottom up where there is a small preview site window and see the whole page of the link that was Tweeted. It is definitely pretty cool and very clean as I have cluttered up Twitter Apps.

The Pro version is (gulp) $5 friggen dollars but it pretty sweet I must say. There is a free version to that is also very cool, so check out TweetCaster for Android and iPhone from their respective app stores or marketplace.

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